Soil Fertility

At our agricultural center, we understand that soil fertility is paramount to achieving high-yielding and profitable crops. We offer a comprehensive range of liquid fertilizers tailored to meet the specific nutrient needs of your crops. Our liquid fertilizer products include formulations like 28%, 28-0-0-1.6%S, 10-34-0, Thio Sul, 8-0-0-9, and more. With a focus on maximizing crop yields and profits for your farm, we work closely with you to determine the most cost-effective and efficient fertilizer choices. We take pride in offering high-quality foliar feed options that ensure your crops receive the necessary nutrients throughout the growing season. From starter and micro packages to preemergence applications, sidedressing, and foliar feed products, we have a diverse array of options to support your crops’ healthy growth.

In addition to our liquid fertilizers, we provide a variety of dry fertilizer products, including formulations like 0-0-60, 11-52-0, 21-0-0-24S, 46-0-0, as well as essential nutrients like Nutralime, Zinc, Boron, and Sulfur. We understand that every farm’s soil composition is unique, and to cater to those specific requirements, we analyze your soil test results to provide tailored fertilizer recommendations for your crops. Our team has the expertise to create custom nutrient blends that perfectly match your farm’s needs. For your convenience, we offer cart rental if you choose to spread your own dry fertilizer, but we also specialize in applying the majority of the fertilizer we sell. Our precise broadcast application techniques, along with custom prescriptions, ensure that the nutrients are optimally distributed to promote your crop’s health and yield potential.

To further enhance soil fertility, we offer the application of poultry litter, which provides an excellent source of phosphates and a wide range of essential micronutrients for your crops. You have the option to select a straight rate application or opt for a custom prescription to meet your farm’s requirements. In case you prefer to spread the litter on your own, we can conveniently deliver the product directly to your field. Due to the high demand for poultry litter, we recommend placing your order as early as possible to secure your supply.

Furthermore, we recognize the significance of ag lime and gypsum in soil improvement. Starting from the spring of 2023, we are pleased to offer custom applications of ag lime either at a straight rate or as per custom prescriptions. Ag lime effectively adjusts soil pH levels and enhances nutrient availability to promote healthier crop growth. Additionally, we have the capability to custom apply gypsum, a valuable product that improves soil texture and provides a substantial amount of sulfur to your soil. Our commitment to providing these tailored soil fertility solutions ensures that your farm’s soil remains optimally nourished and primed for exceptional crop performance. Feel free to reach out to us for more information or to discuss how we can help enhance the fertility of your soil.